DATE: 2002/09/00 JESSEN:
     "Let me tell you a story: 'Wildcard: Driven' follows the motley crew of the Soul Sale - an aging, re-commissioned ship helmed by a Captain who yearns to escape the reach of the Grand Alliance of Planetary Systems. Though freedom drives each member of the Soul Sale's crew, is it enough to bring them together when things are at their worst? I originally began working on 'Wildcard: Driven' in 2002 as my first venture into Sci-Fi. Over the years, I came to create a collection of stories that involved spaceship crews and decided to group them together under the 'Wildcard' umbrella. Many of the stories have influences from inside and outside of the Sci-Fi genre, including - but not limited to - Space-Westerns (a personal favourite of mine), elements of Cyberpunk, Steampunk and even Fantasy elements such as magick. Like many of the FUTURE TEXTS, 'Wildcard' stories tend to be darker, more mature tales and some of the content here is NSFW. So, with that in mind, feel free to take a look and see if it is to your liking, cheers!"
Mechanical Pencil
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MP: 524/524
EXP: 5113
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