DATE: 2001/01/00 JESSEN:
     "Let me tell you a story: 'Voiceless Songs' tells the tale of a mysterious gunman who breezes into Ocean City and begins to take the lives of seemingly-random civilians. Bearing an uncanny resemblance to Kenji Ishimura - a young student and musician who died in a car crash three years ago - friends can't help but wonder: is this gunman some kind of guardian angel, sent to right the wrongs of the past? Or could this be the sick and twisted game of a serial killer? I created 'Voiceless Songs' back in January of 2001 as my first attempt at a webcomic. Originally designed as a light, comedic story following the everyday mishaps of Kenji Ishimura, the webcomic only ran for a couple of months. In January of 2004, I ended up changing the tone dramatically and reworked the story and characters for a new chapter-based webcomic and began running it as the first story here on TIME FOR SLEEP. Feel free to take a look and see if it is to your liking, cheers!"
Mechanical Pencil
LVL: 14
HP: 2998/2998
MP: 524/524
EXP: 5113
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