DATE: 1999/09/00 JESSEN:
     "Let me tell you a story: 'Darien's Line' tells the story of Darien Okonogi, a young man with extraordinary power. As a child, Darien stood at deaths door until a series of experimental operations saved his life... with some unintended side-effects. Now a teenager, Darien struggles to come to terms with his past while using his power as the masked hero, Arc Raven, to save others in need. 'Darien's Line', is one of the cornerstones of the CITY STORIES. Back in the day, I - like many young cartoonist and illustrators - dreamed of doing a Superhero comic. However, it took me many years to create a hero that really stuck with me. Darien was originally part of a separate story but soon outgrew his relatively minor role and 'Darien's Line' was born, becoming the first official tale in the CITY STORIES. I put 'Darien's Line' into production in 1999 and it was one of my original concept for a webcomic (along with the early version of 'Voiceless Songs') in 2001. Sadly, it took until 2012 for me to start bringing 'Darien's Line' to the internet but I look forward to finally telling his story! Feel free to take a look and see if it is to your liking, cheers!"
Mechanical Pencil
LVL: 14
HP: 2998/2998
MP: 524/524
EXP: 5113
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