DATE: 1999/08/00 JESSEN:
     "Let me tell you a story: '7 Stories too Late' is a collection of tales that delve into the dark, odd, complicated and, ultimately, interconnected lives of seven strangers struggling to make their mark on the city or, sometimes, simply make it from one day to the next. '7 Stories too Late', is one of the earliest inclusions in the CITY STORIES that I began creating in 1999. Each tale ended up as part of the compilation thanks to shared characters, integral settings, and similar bizarre threads that seemed to draw them together. One of the central tales - 'Lucid Souls' - was going to be written as a novel at one point and even has a portion of the tale - a short story simply titled 'Lucid Souls' - published somewhere out there in the world (worry not, it will eventually find its way online here I'm sure). The illustrative style I use for '7 Stories too Late' is a bit of a rougher, darker, more Western-influenced style that I actually formulated for the CITY STORIES tale 'Zombie Feet'. However, in 2005, I illustrated a few of the original characters in this style and felt it was, in my opinion, just as fitting to use for these stories as well. '7 Stories too Late' is a bit of a darker, more mature tale and some of the content here is NSFW. So, with that in mind, feel free to take a look and see if it is to your liking, cheers!"
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